Present day politics

thoughts on 26th may revelations!

I listened with interest to Domanic C’s vitriolic attack -no wonder everyone in Tory party iss so scared of him!Most of it, we knew already, I think. However two new pieces of info disturbed me -one great and one small 
Were we really invited to ‘join in’ a bombing venture with US on the day of the planned attack? I would expect more preparation time for an  invite to a social get-together with mates! I find this chilling. 
This second concern is petty, I guess. Should decisions concerning lives and deaths be discussed in text msgs of 4-letter expletives. I would never-ever correspond with colleagues/manager about our service using this language. (I work in social care) It seems disrespectful. Am I just hopelessly old-fashioned? Should we expect further revelations of texts such as ‘Hi BJ, r u going 2 drop bom? let me no, worried face emoji, DC x 

On reflection -no ‘x

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One thought on “Present day politics

  1. Re on the day invite to join in with US bombing, perhaps it should be of little surprise given who the invite would have come from. And the phrase for the prospective coalition that comes to my mind might be, “You are joining in war crimes catastrophe.”


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